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Henryk Wagner | Prezes Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Posadzkarzy

"Join us at Floor Expo - the first trade fair dedicated to flooring! As a Content Patron, we have prepared conferences for you on underfloor heating and noise attenuation. At our stand, PSP Experts and Experts will provide practical tips. This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn about the latest technologies! Don't miss out on this event - sign up today!

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hall B, conference room 1

Dzień 1

Underfloor heating

We will discuss the regulations and industry guidelines for underfloor heating, including the rules for laying underfloor heating systems in paved subfloors. We will present the types of underfloor heating systems: water, electric, induction. We will present technical requirements for floors laid in underfloor heating systems

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Marcin Witkowski-0 portrait

11:00 -11:10

Marcin Witkowski

Opening of the conference

Janusz Dziewanowski-0 portrait

11:10 – 11:30

Janusz Dziewanowski

Industry regulations and reference documents for underfloor heating

Leszek Rudek-0 portrait

11:30 – 12:00

Leszek Rudek

Anhydrite underlay - the optimum complement to underfloor heating

Łukasz Strzałka-0 portrait

12:20 – 12:50

Łukasz Strzałka

What to look for when designing and making a subfloor

Krzysztof Triszewski-0 portrait

12:50 - 13:20

Krzysztof Triszewski

Underfloor heating systems and underfloor heating technologies

conducted by Marcin Witkowski-0 portrait


conducted by Marcin Witkowski

Panel discussion

Day 2

Noise attenuation using underfloor technology

Acoustic comfort issues will be addressed - in relation to current standards, habits and expectations of users of public and commercial spaces. Technological solutions - air and impact sound attenuation, the role of the ceiling and the floor, issues of raised floors. We will also take up the challenge of presenting a synthesis of floors and coverings available on the Polish market, thanks to which the acoustics of a facility can be improved.

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Katarzyna Baranowska-0 portrait


Katarzyna Baranowska

Opening of the conference

Henryk Kwapisz-0 portrait

11.10 – 11.40

Henryk Kwapisz

Will the obligation to carry out acoustic expertise, resulting from changes in the law, affect the acoustic design of floors?

Adam Radzimski-0 portrait

11.40 -12.00

Adam Radzimski

Sound insulation of the horizontal partition

Przemysław Macioszek-0 portrait

12.20 – 12.40

Przemysław Macioszek

Materials for structure-borne sound insulation in a floor system, Ways of specifying damping parameters, Implementation errors

dr inż. Piotr Z. Kozłowski, CEO PAK Pracownia Akustyczna Kozłowski -0 portrait

12.40 – 13.20

dr inż. Piotr Z. Kozłowski, CEO PAK Pracownia Akustyczna Kozłowski 

Case study: acoustics in public buildings


Discussion and conclusion